Training & Professional Development – an attachment-based approach


How Can The Attachment Consultancy Help Meet Your Training & Professional Support Needs?

The Attachment Consultancy provides a range of training and support services for people working across the voluntary and statutory sectors seeking to develop their understanding of attachment-based approaches in their work with vulnerable people underpinned by:

  • Specialist knowledge of working with trauma, abuse, dissociation and loss grounded in anti-discriminatory practice.
  • A focus on the implications of secondary trauma for professionals working with these issues.

In order to offer some exciting new training opportunities The Attachment Consultancy is doing joint work with Attachment Matters, a multi-professional practice involving attachment-based therapeutically trained practitioners and educators with diverse voluntary and statutory experience. Through this partnership our goal is to make attachment-based practice  widely available in a way that is accessible and easy to use for frequently over stretched and underfunded professionals and organisations.

What Training Events Are Currently Available For Professionals?

Get Organised! Supporting Your Organisation With Attachment-Based Practice To Promote Effective Working Relationships.

The core training package offers an opportunity for professionals working in the voluntary and statutory sectors to come together to develop:

  • A Toolkit for participants to work in an attachment-based way with clients.
  • A Toolkit for participants to create attachment-based ways of working in your own agencies.  

Working in association with Attachment Matters we are pleased to offer the following one day training event for professionals:

Course Outline:

What changes need to happen to turn workplaces into effective, healthy organisations? How can we get looked after in a way that enables us to look after others?  How can professionals get our organisations engaged in thinking about what is needed to establish good working relationships and transform the workplaces we are in? Attachment theory is a powerful body of learning for understanding people’s emotions and behaviours that can help answer these questions. We know that many professionals would like to know how to translate this huge body of work into a practical application to support you to explore how to achieve your full potential, as well as the potential of others you are responsible for – service users, employees, members, or volunteers  – and contribute to the sustainability of your organisation.

What Training Events And Support Services Are Currently Available For Organisations?

A customised training package can be tailored to your specific service and team’s needs. The length and frequency of the training can be negotiated to meet your organisation’s requirements, from a one-day intensive training programme to shorter training sessions over a longer time frame.

Who Can Benefit From Our Training Provision?

Our training provision is designed to meet the needs of people working across the voluntary and statutory sectors, whether directly involved in client work, working with colleagues, or in a multi-professional context. This includes frontline and organisational development workers, project team leaders, CEO’s, directors and management committee members across Health, Education, Social Services, Criminal Justice and community organisations.

Where Do Our Training Events Take Place?

Training events take place in South East and Central London. If you are an organisation seeking In-House training arrangements can be made to attend your workplace if you have suitable space.

How Much Does Training Cost?

The following is a general guideline to our training fees. Please refer to our training brochures for variations for individual training events.

Training For Professionals:

  • Self supporting: £35 half day
  • Funded by an organisation: £50 half day
  • Self supporting: £55 full day
  • Funded by an Organisation: £70 full day

Bespoke In House Training for Teams and Organisations:

  • For small to medium work groups (up to 12 members): £75 per hour 
  • For large work groups (more than 12 members): £110 per hour

How Can I Access Training?

To contact Christine Blake to discuss any of our professional services please call 020 8670 4085. Or click here to make contact by email.