Clinical Supervision – an attachment-based approach


How Can An Attachment-Based Approach Meet Your Clinical Supervision Needs?                          

Supervision at The Attachment Consultancy aims to create a secure base for the practitioner to develop their understanding of clinical work from an attachment-based psychoanalytic perspective. This approach is based on the growing understanding of the importance of relationships to human growth and development.                                                   

An attachment-based approach leads to an understanding of psychotherapy as a co-operative venture between client and therapist. The aim is to create a safe space in which the client can reflect on their experiences past and present, including the exploration of loss and trauma in the course of development. The support of an authentic process of mourning is vital to build a strong sense of self and the capacity to sustain relationships. A good sense of self and positive relationships with others enables the client to develop the internal resources to cope with stressful experiences and enjoy greater quality of life.

Attachments in early life and throughout the life cycle are given attention. Groups and wider society also influence the attachment relationships formed by individuals. This approach enables an exploration of the ways that racism, homophobia, discrimation and prejudice interact with the individual’s unique attachment history and personal experiences in relation to race, culture, class, gender, sexuality, age and disability.

The work is underpinned by relational, developmental, trauma, gender and socio cultural based theory and practice. There will be an opportunity to explore the attachment relationship between the supervisee and the supervisor as a part of enabling the supervisee to explore their own attachment paradigms with clients.

What Are The Professional Standards And Ethics?

The aim is to work collaboratively to make it possible for the supervisee to explore what emerges with clients as a continuous process of learning where it is safe to explore and address areas of difficulty. An open space for self-examination is a vital part of maintaining good practice, which meets the expectations of the relevant regulating bodies, including the UKCP and the BACP.

Supervision, whilst needing to rigorously uphold ethical practice, is a personal process of enquiry to find a theory and practice that reflects the concerns of the supervisee and their clients. Each supervisee will shape their clinical work and way of being a therapist in keeping with their own experiences and interests.

Who Is Supervision For?

One-to-one supervision is available for qualified and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists in private practice. This can include clinicians who are similarly trained or from different training backgrounds seeking to develop their understanding of attachment-based psychoanalytic approaches.

Supervision can also be provided to frontline staff in voluntary and statutory agencies providing support services to people in a range of settings across health, education, social services, criminal justice and community organisations.

What is the Frequency Of Supervision?

The length and frequency of supervision is open to negotiation depending on the demands of your clinical practice, but might typically be between 50 minutes – 75 minutes on a weekly, fortnightly, or sometimes a monthly basis.

Where Does It Take Place?

Supervision can be organised at locations in West Norwood and East Dulwich in South East London. These locations are in easy reach of Streatham, Tulse Hill, Herne Hill, Balham, Crystal Palace, Brixton, Clapham Common and the surrounding areas. There are mainline rail services from Croydon, Victoria and London Bridge.There are mainline rail services from Croydon, Victoria and London Bridge.

Alternatively there is the option to meet at a location in Central London on Commercial Street, E1 near Spitalfields Market and Liverpool Street and Aldgate East tubes.

If you are an Organisation seeking in-house supervision in the Greater London area please make enquiries.

What About Cost?

The cost is calculated on a sliding scale depending on your resources but is usually between £50- £75 per 50 minute session.

How Do I Make Contact?

To contact Christine Blake to discuss any of our professional services please call 020 8670 4085. Or click here to make contact by email.