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The Attachment Consultancy


The Attachment Consultancy is founded on an awareness of the importance of relationships in helping to shape our experiences in early childhood and throughout our lives.

The aim of an attachment-based approach is to support the individual to build a sense of security in the self and relationships with others, in order to develop the internal resources to cope with the many challenges life brings.

All our work is grounded on:

  • Attachment-based and relational approaches to working with people.
  • Expertise in working with issues that impact on attachments, including depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse and loss.
  • Non-discriminatory practise that aims to ensure an understanding of attachment that is relevant to the needs of people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

The Attachment Consultancy provides a range of services for individuals, including counselling, psychotherapy and group work. Clinical supervision, training and other support services are also available for professionals and organisations with an interest in an attachment-based approach. Based in the London area, there are also options to receive some services via the telephone, or by Skype so please make enquiries. For more information about our location see Contact page.

To contact Christine Blake to discuss any of our professional services please call 020 8670 4085. Or click here to make contact by email.